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MUSIC COMPOSER: Oasis Thacker [Ghanshyam Thakkar] is extraordinarily talented music composer. His compositions vary from his own style of NewMusic, to pop, semi-classical, folk, , Sugam Sangeet, Dandia Raas, Bhangra, and Indo-Western fusion.
His international music album 'DewDrops on The Oasis' is great example of the music of 'Oasis-Style'. This soothing, unique music that will let you experience the beauty and comfort of The Oasis in the middle of endless burning desert. Some songs will express the pain when the truth about the deceiving mirages is uncovered. This album inspired him to write a poem  with the same title DewDrops on The Oasis (Poem) by Oasis Thacker
The songs in his Gujarati Language albums 'AasopalavNi Dale [આસોપાલવની ડાળે] and O Raaj Re[ઓ રાજ રે] will melt in your hearts. Some of them will compel you to dance. Most poems and lyrics are written by Oasis His songs have been sung by accomplished film playback singers, Sugam-Sangeet Singers, and folk singers like Kishore Manaraja, Nisha Upadhyay, Damayanti Bardai, Neha Mehta, Jayashree Bhojavia, and Devyani.
After his success in Gujarati Albums, he is busy composing music for Bollywood (Hindi and Ghujarati language), and Hollywood audiences. He is prepared to compose music for films, music albums, and other avenues that will allow him to express his creative talent.
His four Hindi language songs samples are on his websites.  Music Samples. His albums are available in some stores.
He has Remixed and performed some very popular Bollywood songs, and some H by great composers and few Hollywood songs, also composed by great composers. For all the songs, he has composed tunes, written lyrics, arranged orchestra, composed and played rhythms, programmed required instruments on his synthesizer, and provided his talent as an audio recording and mixing artist
You can hear samples of all different type of music, including his Hindi songs and Instrumental Remix on the link Music Samples.
POETRY: Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar) [ઘનશ્યામ ઠક્કર] is an accomplished Gujarati Language poet. He has also written poems in Hindi and English language. India's top Literary Award winner legendary author, and chancellor of two great universities,  Shri Umashankar Joshi [શ્રી ઉમાશંકર જોશી], has written the foreword of his first poetry collection 'Bhuri Shahi-na Kuva Kanthe[ભૂરી શાહીના કૂવા કાંઠે]' ('At the Bank of a Blue-Ink Well'). Another great poet of Modern Gujarati literature Shri Labhshankar Thaker [શ્રી લાભશંકર ઠાકર] hase written foreword for his poetry book Jambudi Kshana-na Prashna Padare [જાંબૂડી ક્ષણના પ્રશ્ન પાદરે] ("At the outskirt of the village named 'Question Marked Purple Moment'") praising him for his new and unique poetic excellence. He has been recognized by great poets like Shri Anil Joshi in his newspaper column. Ghanshyam became serious about writing poetry after he received encouragement and inspiration from Poet Shri Priyakant Maniyar in 1969. His poems have been published in top periodicals of literature, such as Kumar, Kavita, Kavilok, Navnit, Samarpan, Navnit-Samarpan, Parab, Kruti, Milap, Vishvamanav, Vaishakhi [કુમાર, કવિતા, કવિલોક, નવનીત, સમર્પણ, નવનીત_સમર્પણ, પરબ, ક્રુતિ, મિલાપ, વિશ્વમાનવ, વૈશાખી] etc. since 1970.
He has shared stage with writers like Shree Umashankar Joshi, Niranjan Bhagat, Bholabhai Patel, Manoj Khanderia, Chinu Modi. He has been recognized in newspapers many times. Ghanshyam was overjoyed when Shri Rajandra Shah,  another highest award winning poet of Indian Literature, attended his poetry- reciting event [organized by Shri Madhav Ramanuj, Ahmedabad 1993], at the age of 80. Rajendra Shah, as and the editor of Kavilok poetry magazine, wrote a personal letter of encouragement to Ghanshyam in 1970, when he published his two poems in Kavilok. Ghanshyam has been honored by DoorDarshan TV (Mumbai and Ahmedabad) multiple times.
His Gujarati and Hindi language poems are published on blogs Ghanshyam Thakkar (Oasis)'s Laya-Aalay . घनश्याम ठक्कर (ओएसीस) का लय-आलय,
KalaPiKetan कलापीकेतन ગુજરાતી કવિતા અને સંગીત and English poems are published on the blog Oasis Thacker's Arts and Entertainment.

MUSIC ARRANGER: Oasis has mastered his electronic synthesizer (and sequencing),  that has natural sounding acoustical instruments, electronic sounds and amazing rhythms. He has programmed several new music instruments himself, that you hear in his albums. His orchestration is a symphony of complex feelings.
INSTRUMENT PLAYER: He plays various instruments on his electronic synthesizer. Many of these instruments are created by Oasis
LYRICIST: He writes beautiful lyrics in Hindi and Gujarati. Compared to his poetry, Ghanshyam becomes totally different type of writer when he writes lyrics for music. The words blend with notes and rhythm, without losing elements of poetic glow. Easy to understand metaphors avoid unwarranted scholastic burden.
RHYTH PLAYER AND RHYTHM COMPOSER: Ghanshyam plays western drums set, bongo, congas and electronic drums. He pioneered use of drum-set in DandiaRaas, and in Tabla-based Hindi songs since 1977. That has now become a tradition. Like music, he also composes NewAge rhythms.
MUSIC PRODUCER: He produced music albums 'DewDrops on The Oasis', 'AasopalavNi Dale '[આસોપાલવની ડાળે] and O Raaj Re[ રાજ રે] that you will see in many posts and pages when you browse through his blogs and websites. He has created and released many VIDEOS.
RECORDIND AND MIXING ARTIST: Oasis records his music on 48 track music studio.
OTHER HOBBIES: Oasis loves Photography  and creating Computer Art, If you browse thru his websites and blogs, you will find some amazing photos and computer art, including those on the title of his two music albums.
LIFE AT A GLANCE: Oasis Thacker was born with a name Ghanshyam Thakkar in 1946. He was born in a small village in India in a very poor family. His village had no running water, no electricity, no paved roads, no petrol driven vehicles, no radio…..nothing. Only an elementary school had just started when he started going to school. After fifth grade, he migrated to a large city Ahmedabad. He was a science and math major, but took keen interest in literature, music, drama and other extra activities He passed his high school with distinction grades, studied science and math for two years in St. Xaviers Science college and then went to Engineering college of Gujarat University. He began writing and publishing his poems in top literary periodicals while sill in college, and began taking interest in music.
He migrated to USA in 1973, and began his engineering career at world famous NASA as a design engineer. He did some postgraduate study in Electrical Engineering, but did not finish due to heavy workload at job. He also worked for  American Airlines as a project manager and chief electrical engineer for Properties and Facilities department. He continued writing poems, self-taught himself drum-set, bongos, congas, and keyboard. He began composing music in 1980. He performed in many community events. Published his first poetry collection in 1987. Owned and managed a restaurant in USA during late 80's, while writing poetry and composing music. Published his second poetry collection in 1993. He spent more time with music after that; while writing poetry in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages at a slower pace. He bought his sequencing synthesizer in 1995. He self taught the keyboard playing, sequencing and other technical things about his synthesizer. He also programmed some beautiful new instruments that did not come with the keyboard. Most of theses instrument you hear in his published music. Within one year of purchasing the synthesizer, he had enough compositions and lyrics to try his luck in Bollywood for music albums and films. He said goodbye to his lucrative engineering career, and good American lifestyle, and camped out in a small modest apartment in Mumbai, with few pennies savings he had. He had some good prospects in the beginning; but they all vanished as an after-effect of Gulshankumar's murder (Gulshan Kumar owned one of the biggest recording company), and after closing of Amithabh Bachchan's recording company. As the money was running out, Oasis produced two music albums himself, and returned to USA,  and restarted Engineering practice. He sold his albums in USA in music stores and during live music events.
After the internet became popular for blogs and debits for people to display their talents, Oasis learned Webpage Design, and began publishing his music and poetry on his blogs and websites       •           Blog – Oasis Thacker

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